Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I'm listening to

Two writer friends (hi, Joan and Maggie!) have raved about Patricia Briggs for a couple of years now. One of them lent me a copy of the urban fantasy Moon Called, which is still sitting on my bookshelf. I started to read it long ago, but something made me stop. It most definitely was not anything that's wrong with the book. I know this because I downloaded the audio version from Audible, and my ears have been glued to it every second I'm in the car.

For me, this audiobook is the perfect storm: good writing, gripping story AND an excellent narrator, Lorelei King. King has that hard-to-find ability to do male voices so that they don't sound like effeminate men. The women sound like women and the men sound like men! Her take on a teenager in the story is spot-on.

I wish I hadn't dallied so long in committing to this book. The good news, though, is that now I have a whole bunch of Patricia Briggs books to catch up on. Hooray!

To find out more about Patricia Briggs and Moon Called, click here.