Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another recommendation scores: How to Train Your Dragon

Over the holidays, I watched How to Train Your Dragon, another recommendation by a good friend. Man, my friends have good taste! 

How to Train Your Dragon is an animated adventure starring Hiccup, who lives in a village of dragon-hating Vikings. His goal in life ... well, not his goal in life, but his family’s goal for his life, is for him to become a dragon slayer as fierce as his father. Thing is, while Hiccup desperately wants to slay dragons, to please his father and to fit in, he doesn’t really have the stomach for it. He’s more the cerebral type.

One night, he manages to take down the Holy Grail of dragons: a night fury. No one has ever seen a night fury up close, let alone brought one down. Hiccup is beside himself with excitement ... until he finds the incapacitated dragon and can’t bring himself to finish it off. Instead, he frees the dragon from its bonds. He returns the next day to see the dragon trying to fly, but it can’t, because his tail was injured when Hiccup captured him. Hiccup returns again, bearing food for the dragon. What follows is the development of an endearing friendship between Hiccup and the dragon, affectionately named Toothless.

Toothless is so darn cute he reminds me of my equally cute cat, Allie. Naturally, I couldn’t get a pic of her making the face Toothless is making at above, but I swear on a stack of Fancy Feast that she’s made that exact same expression more than once. But I digress. 

I won’t spoil you any more than I already have on How to Train Your Dragon, but suffice to say the tale’s (tail’s!) a good one. It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cry. It’ll make you write a blog post about it.

So, hey, what’s your favorite animated movie? I’m also partial to Up. I love the song that plays when the house first takes flight with all the balloons -- it’s good music to write to.


  1. Still haven't seen "HT Train Your Dragon." Will put it on my list for the coming week.

    "Tangled" was a pleasant surprise. We saw it New Year's Eve.

    "My Neighbor Totoro" is one on my favorite animated films. I *heart* animated films in general.

  2. Hi, Chris!
    I don't think I've ever even heard of My Neighbor Totoro. I'll put on my list!
    I completely forgot about Tangled. Also going on the list.
    Hmm. My list is getting longer and longer!
    Thanks for stopping by. :)