Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot guy in a cowboy hat

Have you seen Justified, starring Timothy Olyphant? Holy crap!!!!!

Olyphant played Ellen's boyfriend, Wes, in the second season of Damages. I thought he was a pretty hot guy then, but I wasn't hitting "pause" on the DVR. Then a friend recommended I give Justified a try -- and I always listen to my friends. :) So anyway, I tried it, and there was Timothy Olyphant in jeans and a cowboy hat ... my finger found "pause" darn quick. Never knew I had a thing for men in cowboy hats. Thought it was just tool belts. Go figure.

Turns out, Justified is a great show, too, starring intriguing characters with lots of flaws played by fabulous actors. Extremely well-written, it's a writer's dream. Bad guys have somewhat redeeming qualities, good guys have questionable hair-trigger fingers.

If you feel like checking it out, Hulu is showing a few episodes.

Other hot guys in cowboy hats: Tim McGraw. Yum. Who are your favorites?


  1. Hi Joyce
    This is before your time but how about Lee Horsley as Matt Houston. Yummy. Agree on Tim McGraw. Yummy.

  2. Hi, Mary!
    Ohhhhh, good one. I remember that show!
    I was more interested in Magnum PI in those days. In fact, Tom Selleck in a cowboy hat is sizzling in those Jesse Stone movies. Yowza.
    Thanks for commenting. You're my idol. :)

  3. What was that movie with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr.? Harry was a fine lookin' Tight Jean Cowboy Hat wearing specimen in that one. And have you seen Trace Adkins with his hip shaking dance moves? WOW

  4. Oh, yeah, Hope Floats. I liked that movie! Especially the parts with Harry in his hat. How does that guy manage to look both cute AND handsome. I mean, those two adjectives aren't the same, at least not to me. Kittens are cute. Harry in a cowboy hat is handsome. :)
    Heading to YouTube to find me some Trace Adkins ...