Monday, June 28, 2010

Why I love Castle

Nathan Fillion pretty much ratchets up my pulse rate no matter what he's doing. But now he's playing a mystery writer! OMG! I'M a mystery writer, too! In case you hadn't noticed. That's my book cover right down there. : )

Fillion plays a fairly realistic mystery writer, in my opinion, other than the always-hanging-out-with-Beckett-instead-of-writing-novels thing. I mean, when does this guy have time to meet a book deadline? Other than that, though, he rambles on at crime scenes the same way I would if I were there, after I was done fainting and/or tossing my cookies, of course.    

My favorite funny moment on Castle so far: Fillion dons a space-cowboy costume for Halloween in a nod to his character, Mal, in Firefly. While the Firefly theme plays in the background, his daughter, Alexis, tells him: "Don't you think you should move on?" Sorry, Alexis, but there are lots of Firefly fans who still haven't moved on since its undeserved cancellation.

Sigh. At least we have Castle.

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