Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot new book cover!

My publisher has made me very happy AGAIN. This time, with the cover of True Colors, which lands in January. Is it just me or does the heroine look like Heather Locklear?

True Colors is the second in my paranormal romantic suspense trilogy that started with True Vision this month. What's True Colors about? I'm so glad you asked!

Alex Trudeau has everything she ever wanted. She takes pictures for the local paper, she’s rescued an entire menagerie of mutts, and hot police detective John Logan has finally asked her out. And then a near-death experience unearths an intense psychic ability she never knew she had …

John Logan moved to Lake Avalon, Florida, to try to leave behind a lifetime of hardship and tragedy. But when his darkest secret comes to town with revenge in mind, Logan lands the woman of his dreams in a serial killer’s crosshairs …

With their lives on the line and Alex’s hallucinatory flashes dragging her deeper into the twisted mind of a maniac, Logan and Alex face the ultimate test. The tension is electric, but to survive they’ll have to look more than skin-deep—they just might not like everything they find.

There's an excerpt at my Web site,


  1. Hi Joyce
    The cover is awesome & it does look like HL (just in case your books become movies LOL).
    The excerpt is awesome too. Glad it's about Alex & Logan. Just one complaint: January? like January 2011 January? Lucky I have 2 of yours to read still. I'm going to have to read really sloooow.

  2. Hi, Mary!
    Yep, January 2011. Does it help that it's Jan. 4? At least it's the beginning of the month. :)
    Happy reading!

  3. Oh yeah, I feel better now LOL.

  4. Hmm, that sounded like sarcasm. Mary. :)