Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hooked on ...

I've now listened to three Karen Marie Moning audio books in a row read by Phil Gigante. Let me just say, This man does a Scottish accent to die for! The first time I heard his voice on one of the Highlander books, I got chills. He even manages to do female voices without sounding, well, like an effeminate gay guy. (Hey, women doing male voices doesn't always work, either!)

On a recent 13-hour drive from the Midwest to the East Coast, I listened to the entire The Immortal Highlander audio book. Didn't get bored or antsy once, even when I needed a bathroom break. I did have to turn Phil off in Pennsylvania during a torrential downpour so I could fully concentrate on the turnpike. With Phil's amazing voice purring through my car speakers, that would have been tough.

Oh, and the story was good, too. Not that anyone should be surprised. It is KMM, after all. :)


  1. I am now going to have to breakdown and try an audio book. I have a friend that likes the man who does Suzzanne Brockmann's books and she has been recommending them. :)

  2. Oh, yeah, I love that guy, too! Patrick Lawlor. He gets the tone of SB's characters just right.