Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where the hell have I been?

Well, first there was Witness Protection. But the bad guys found me. Luckily, I had my lipstick/pump-action shotgun to save me. And then I had that Butch and Sundance moment where I jumped off a cliff with a friend. But it was a small cliff ... a curb, really. And, OK, OK, I wasn't with a friend. I was in a car, with Thelma and Louise, and we were looking for a super-hot hitch hiker ...

OK, I'm making all that up. As if you couldn't tell. The truth: I've been lazy. Not lazy lazy. As in "in general." I've been lazy about the blogging and tweeting and such, but I've actually been quite productive writing. I have a fast-approaching December deadline, when the third book in my Truelogy, True Calling, is due to my editor -- and time is running short, as you can tell by that ringing alarm clock to the right. (For more info about the Truelogy, check out my website,

What a fast-approaching book deadline means to me: No tweeting, no blogging, no Facebooking, not much sleeping, lots of peanuts and M&Ms. My butt is growing along with my book but luckily not at the same rate (cuz the book is growing fast). 

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