Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet Kate Brady

I've started a new feature on my Web site in which I ask a fellow author some goofy questions. September's featured author is Kate Brady, author of One Scream Away, which I finished reading last week and enjoyed very much (my God, the ending!). Anyway, here's a little taste of what you'll learn about Ms. Brady at

I asked: If you could have a superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?
Kate (that's her at left) responded: "I’d be Domestic-Goddess-Scrub-Woman:  Able to clean a house top-to-bottom with the snap of a finger, blink of an eye, twitch of a nose… Or able to control a bunch of woodland creatures who could come in and sweep and mop and sew, preparing meals and cleaning the kitchen afterwards while humming lilting tunes to the descant of whistling birds…
"I’d be Adolescent-Mind-Reader-and-Teenage-Child-Tamer:  Able to know with a single glance whether a teenage girl is about to lavish me with love or strike out with inexplicable fury, and whether a teenage boy is lying about how much homework he has…
"I’d be Shapely-Dessert-Eating-Porsche-Driver:  Able to achieve the body of Jennifer Garner while eating chocolate mousse without ever going to the gym, and always looking great behind the wheel of that Porsche…"

And there's more. Much more. I also asked Kate: If you were a car, what kind would you be and why? (She waffles on that one.) What's your favorite way to procrastinate? And other burning questions. To see what she had to say, plus get a glimpse of what makes One Scream Away so special, visit

So ... what superpower would you have? I'd be invisible so I could listen in on what other people are saying about me. I'm not insecure. Nope. Not in the least. Nuh uh.

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