Friday, August 28, 2009

I can tell it's time ...

You know that antsy feeling you get when a big storm is coming? You're kinda jittery and anxious but also looking forward to it just a tiny bit? That's how I feel right before I'm ready to buckle down and tackle the next book. There are other signs:
1) Cleaning frenzy: Even the ceiling fan has been cleaned. Isn't it shocking how much crap collects on the blades? I can't help but worry about breathing in all that cat hair and dust. They need to make Swiffers for your lungs. 
2) Organizing frenzy: My desk is clean. Receipts filed away. Books shelved. Even the stray paper clips have found their way into the little silver bowl that represents my five years (six years ago) at USA Today. (I knew it'd be good for something!)
3) I've started zoning out: I had at least one conversation at work tonight that I checked out of and then checked back in to find my co-worker looking at me as if it was my turn to respond. I had nothing, except for a way for my bad guys to track down my on-the-run good guys. A very productive zone-out.
4) I've been seeking out favorite TV episodes that inspire me: The ep where Buffy sends Angel to hell. The ep where Crichton dies in Aeryn's arms. The ep where the dorky guy almost seduces Scully while impersonating Mulder. The ep where O'Neill and Carter end up on opposite sides of a force field. Ah, romance.
5) I'm not chatty: Maybe this goes with zoning out, but trying to have a conversation with me right now could be an exercise in futilty. My brain's working some stuff out. Check back later, please.
Put all this together, and it can mean only one thing: It's time to write. Lucky for me, the story I'm diving into now is one I've been looking forward to writing for almost two years. Let the fun begin!

(Fun logo designed for my Web site several years ago by great friend and great artist Chris Clay.)


  1. Hi, Danielle!
    Yep, I'm an ace at that. Sometimes I just USE writing as an excuse. :)
    Thanks for coming by!