Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm planning to yak here about whatever happens to be on my mind. Could be something about writing, could be something about ... writing.

Hey, be sure to check out my other blog: Save the Copy Editor, Save the World. That one gets updated weekly (mostly). It's a serial mystery about newspaper copy editors trying to find kidnapped reporters while gabbing about grammar and punctuation. Yes, we really do do that. :) And it might be more fun than it sounds. It's at If you make a comment, you could win a signed book! (Written by me, of course.)

Speaking of books, maybe you'd want to check out the excerpt on my latest romantic suspense novel, Cold Midnight, after checking out Save the Copy Editor, Save the World. (I'll wait. You kinda have a lot to do at the moment.)

Back already? OK, that's it for the shameless self-promotion (for now). Anything you want to talk about?


  1. Hi Joyce!

    I have a signed copy of this!!!! YAY!!! I love your blog. I'll forward the address to Mom (we must introduce her to the ways of the internet)

    My friend, Megan, and I, just recently started a blog too!

    Keep up the good work Joyce!

  2. Thanks, Andie! I love the name of your blog. So creative. I'm checking it out next.
    Yes, let's gang up on your mom. Luckily, she's not stubborn or anything. :)
    Take care!